Clients – Friends for Life

We are privileged to serve our corporate and tax clients for very long periods, many years, some for many decades. Our very first client in 1984 – the J Group of Companies (with more than 50 subsidiaries and associated companies in all of the ASEAN countries) is over 100 years old, with 50 years in South East Asia. We continue to serve this client today. Here is their feedback : FTC did their best to give us the service we really wanted.

In 1997, we helped to set up the Asia Pacific office of the R Group (founded 70 years ago, and a listed company on the Euronext Paris, formerly the Paris Stock Exchange). We continue to serve this client today. Here is what they say to us : Our friendship remains the same (since 1997, when R Asia Pacific first set up). Our sincere congratulations to FTC and all others who have provided us professional advices. I won’t hesitate to contact you whenever R requires any professional advices (apart from the usual GST & Tax computation/submission that your company is already undertaking…)

Our dedication to our clients is noted very early in our relationship with clients. This is what a client wrote to us : Your staff supported me no end with many requirements. As I know you offer the same service to others as you have me, your future is on sound foundations. (1997)

Here is what another client (a Danish tech start-up which is now part of a listed technology group in the London Stock Exchange) wrote to us : Your professionalism, skilfulness and prompt services have been highly appreciated and have eased B. A/S operation in the Asia Pacific region. Should we need assistance in relation to payroll services, accounting, banking services and corporate advice in the future we will certainly turn to FTC for those services. (2000)

In 1997, we set up the first Asia Pacific office for a German conglomerate manufacturer with 33,000 employees (a company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange). Over the years, we provided corporate and tax advisory services, and expatriates personal tax services. Here is what the President of the German conglomerate wrote : We appreciated FTC service a lot, service-oriented, always on time, efficient, accurate, and at competitive prices. Thank you and your team for the many years of excellent tax services rendered.

Here is the feedback on our expatriate tax services from different expatriates :

(A) Your staff can really understand what I mean and what I need.

(B) Your service team did their best to satisfy us.

(C) My experience was good.

(D) FTC actually understood what we wanted.

(E) We are actually satisfied with your service team’s performance.

(F) FTC provided an excellent service that was in excess of my expectations.

Since 2004, we have provided payroll, tax, and business transactions services, to the Singapore subsidiary of a world-wide manufacturer listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This was the start of our business concierge services. Since then, we are retained by several conglomerates listed on the Asian stock exchanges to provide business concierge services to their Singapore companies.

We provided services for many years to a number of American companies including a pioneer manufacturer in Singapore of which the Head Office in California is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Another group of our clients is a group of United States companies which built well-known attractions and rides in entertainment parks. Here is what one of them wrote : The recommendation of FTC as a possible answer to our accounting, taxation and employee registration requirements has resulted in a helpful and convenient source of professional services for the Singapore branch. Your team’s continued support have helped to make our ongoing business operations in Singapore a success. (2010)


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