Our Ethics

FTC Corporate & Tax Advisory Pte Ltd, established 1984, is a boutique firm of accredited tax advisors and corporate advisory specialists. We try to get the basic ethos of the company right :

  • The right ethical standards; the right determination to satisfy our customer
  • the right attitudes to work in terms of quality, professionalism, and commitment;
  • the right sense of responsibility by the company for its obligations to the community;
  • the right feeling of ownership by everyone who works in the company; and the right attitudes about people and a total sense of working together.

We stand for a high standard of fairness, even if it is to the detriment of the company; we believe in volunteerism; we aim for a high standard of honesty and integrity; and we want every person to be treated as an individual, to be respected for his/her conduct.

We try to get the fundamentals right so that people will want to work and progress in this company. We want achievers, so we try to attract people who enjoy achieving; people who believe that what they are doing for the company they are also doing for themselves.

We do of course try to reward achievements and achievers. However, we believe that by far the most important thing is to ensure that people’s aspirations, as to what they want to do with their lives in a broad sense, can be well met within the framework of working in this company.


Our Company Is Organised Around Our People
How We Serve Our Client Is As Important As The Service We Provide
Here Are The Principles That Guide Us Every Day


OUR MISSION IS TO SERVE today’s most successful people and their businesses

Recognise and Respect a client. Don’t take on a client unless you can pledge your best. Make it a policy to exceed expectations. It is our duty to apply unremitting pressure to maintain our standards in all areas. See to it personally that your clients are happy, not merely serviced. Create an atmosphere of knowledge, intelligence, and trust.