Premium Services

Accounting, Payroll and Transaction Services = Serviced Business Office :
We provide a dedicated experienced team on a priority basis exclusively for the client, on a “Pay As You Use” basis. You get substantial savings on the fixed costs : office rents, rental deposits, staff training, salaries, overheads, office equipment and management costs.

Expatriates tax returns, compliance and advice :
Our well-trained tax teams have been providing services on expatriates tax compliance for over 15 years for MNCs worldwide – our experience in this specialised field and our understanding of international human capital requirements and practices are our decisive advantages.

Corporate Advisory & Compliance Services :
We provide a dedicated experienced team on a priority basis exclusively for the client, on a “On Demand” basis. Urgent ACRA searches and incorporation on a one-hour response time. Our first client in 1984 was to provide corporate advisory compliance services to a MNC group of 35 companies – this first client is still our client today. Our directors with law degrees and our corporate managers provide specialised corporate advisory services to directors, shareholders and management on issues such as s.215A (corporate amalgamation) and s.78A (capital reduction) of the Singapore Companies Act, Applications for Stamp Duty Reliefs, Tax Reliefs for restructuring and corporate amalgamations, and Forming Companies, Start-Ups, Acquisitions, Liquidations and Winding-up.

Tax Disputes, Tax Appeals, Tax Rulings :
We specialise on difficult tax appeals and obtaining tax rulings on difficult tax issues. Our tax managers specialise in GST tax issues and compliance, expatriates income tax issues and compliance, corporate income tax appeals, and corporate income tax computations and compliance. FTC has obtained tax rulings on the carrying forward of unutilised tax losses and unused capital allowances for future years’ taxable income; the taxation of gains on employees’ share options; the liability to register for GST by foreign contractors; the application of GST to and the taxation of specialised industries, the taxation of foreign income; and the tax liabilities of foreign permanent establishments in Singapore.

Assurance Services, Accountants’ Reports & Opinions :
We believe this is probably the most valuable service for directors, management and shareholders – getting the Company’s financial statements and financial reports to be accepted by all stakeholders for its standards of compliance with regulatory standards and regulatory authorities. We provide a review and second-opinion service.