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Tax Alert

Every year, there are amendments to the Singapore Income Tax Act. Every year there are amendments to the Income Tax regulations, and the Economic Expansion Incentives (Relief from Income Tax) Act. There are also amendments to the Goods & Services Tax Act and the Goods & Services Tax Regulations. Tax Alert is a retainer service that keeps you informed as and when there are changes to the tax rules and regulations. A monthly retainer service that gives you peace of mind all year round.

Tax Plus

Tax Plus is packaged as a review of all the matters that you should take into account in regard to the company’s taxation. Is the corporate structure tax efficient or should you trade by separate divisions or by separate companies? We can review your tax assessments and your business plans and advise if you can benefit from the many options available to companies, from investment incentives to capital allowances for intellectual property rights. Are you losing out in taking advantage of the new Group Reliefs for tax losses? We can help.

Tax Save

Find out if you are maximising your personal tax reliefs and getting all the necessary tax deductions and incentives that you may be eligible. Some options to decide on : Should you have separate assessments? Is it better for you or your spouse to claim the qualifying child reliefs? Some company expenditures are eligible for double tax deductions. Do you know if you are missing out on these? We can do a quick review of your tax assessments and advice if you are missing out on any tax reliefs or on tax incentives that you are eligible for.

GST Refund

Are you claiming GST refunds on bad debts written off? You can get a GST refund only if your input tax exceeds your output tax. Things do go wrong when there are errors in your GST output tax, such as either not getting a GST refund or having claimed a GST refund which should not have been claimed. Things can also go wrong when there are errors in your GST input tax, such as claiming the wrong amount of GST input tax. We can do a quick review of your GST returns and advise if there are errors or omissions.

Other Tax Services :

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